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A designated historic district, Pendleton Heights is brimming with a variety of historic architecture styles including Victorian, Craftsman, Shingle-Style, and Shirtwaist. Residents in the neighborhood have developed close relationships among each other, “A steady stream of artists, urban professionals, and young families call Pendleton Heights home. Ask them, and most will say they chose the neighborhood for the houses or affordability, but stay for the people. That’s because our people value one another and believe everyone has something to contribute. A strong sense of community is our core value.” Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association (PHNA) operates a community garden in which neighbors are able to claim a plot, and grow their own produce. The neighborhood also cares for an urban orchard, reusing a vacant residential parcel. Each year the neighborhood organizes a holiday homes tour, and community arts market on the first Saturday of December. Check out Pendleton Heights’ website for more info!

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